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Monday, July 7, 2008

Life is the Pits!

It's cherry pickin' time again!

Does this punk look thrilled or what?

This look on Colin's face never changed the entire day.

Mmmm, even with cherry juice smeared all over my baby punk's face he is adorable and so is Matthew who I always seem to find in my view finder when ever I pull out the camera. How does he do that?

Brennan doin' his thaaaang!

Now, doesn't this look fun? Every punk wishes they could pick cherries. Soooo,

Why doesn't this punk look thrilled like the rest?

Matthew thinks this is a lot of cherries........wait until I tell him that isn't even half! Keep pickin' punk!

Uh oh......I think Colin heard me. I know why he has this look on his face. He's thinking..........

My life is the pits...............


  1. WOW that's a lot of cherries! And a lot of adorable boys too.

  2. Rachel I love to read your posts! They are very entertaining and fun to see your "punks" all growing up.


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