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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I love pumpkins. They are one of the easiest and most satisfying things to grow. You throw the seeds in your garden and as the summer progresses you are rewarded with huge plants that take up a ton of room, very little effort is made on your part, and it appears you have massive gardening skills.

This year my gardening skills have been very lacking. Being sick on the couch and gardening are not two things that go well together. Even growing pumpkins.....

In the front of our house we have large flower beds on either side of our front door. Normally they are full of roses but apparently they were attacked by mono and West Nile as they have been very tired and not producing. In fact I think for some, the West Nile has been fatal.

For about a month now I have tried to be a big girl and deal with empty flower beds and have done a pretty darn good job of it until recently. I have a neighbor across the street who every year has a well manicured yard and beautiful flower beds. I heard Martha Stewart was asking her for advice now.

I like to sit out on my front porch in the evenings and my view looking across the street is always lovely.........and then I look to my left........and then to my right.......and I pull a stiff upper lip and say I don't care that my flower beds are empty and depressed looking. This isn't the year so I'll just sit and enjoy my neighbor's yard.

That is until yesterday. I couldn't stand it anymore. I thought, "I don't care if I have to be carried around on a stretcher and the planting season is over, I am going to the nursery tomorrow morning and getting me some dagblasted flowers!"

So that is what I did! I came home with my flowers and started to set them out so I could figure out where I wanted them planted. As I was doing so, my neighbor from across the street with the gorgeous yard started getting after me because I was over doing it. At least that is what she says, I think personally she is afraid that someday Martha Stewart is going to look past all of the dog bombs in my yard, the smashed flowers from my punks running them over with their bikes, and the brown grass from my punks cutting it too short and burning the heck out of it. I bet that is really why she wanted me to rest.........

I was able to get all of the flowers into the flower beds and felt quite pleased with myself especially since I didn't pass out on the couch after. (That'll come tomorrow).

My hubby came home and complimented me on the flower bed and then he dropped the bomb........"uh honey, since nothing was growing in those flower beds I went ahead and planted some pumpkins and melons as a surprise for you.............."


  1. oh no!! What a story. How cute of Brian to plant those for you, and how classic that you went ahead and planted flowers when he didn't expect you to!
    Youguys are cute.

  2. Also, pumpkins are a sure fire Great Photograph. Hard to go wrong. I assumed that you did wake up this morning, by the way. After waving those scarlet patriot nails at me from the supine position yesterday.

    Not sure I'm going to show up at church tomorrow, though - feeling kind of yucky . . .

  3. Never a dull moment for the Rubow's. We miss you guys! Mae Mae


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