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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Me and Job.......

I usually don't post on Sunday's. Kind of a busy day what with getting the punks all spit shined and ready for church and by the time we get home the savages are starving and then I spend the rest of the day well.........resting......... cuz the Sabbath is a day of rest right? RIGHT?

Beings as I stayed home today because I'm contagious and all with this Athlete's ring I decided I'd ruminate with you on the subject of using bleach on ones body for an extra length of time. Don't worry. I'll do it biblically so you won't be breaking your Sabbath by reading.......

See this finger? Name it Rachel. Ya, I know that is my name. That is the point. Hee!

Now, see the taller finger next to Rachel? That is Job. We're gonna name it Job.

Why am I naming these finger's Rachel and Job? Well, you see......Job kind of ran into a bit of hard luck and I realize that he was covered in boils and not fungus but I do have a point you see? HEE!

When one uses bleach for an extensive amount of time on ones start to get blisters....and they kind of look like boils and Job..............

We're like this!


  1. Oh, fetch and dang. This just ain't right.

  2. LOL, sorry, you made me laugh again am i suppose to be sad when you make me laugh so hard????? darn it! all joking aside, i DO feel bad for you!!!! could you maybe put in a good word for me though? since i am pretty sure job and the man upstairs are pretty that what you were really trying to say?? well, it is who ya know....

  3. oh no! Is the bleach helping though? I don't imagine it feels good on the skin. :(

  4. Dear Miss PMC,

    I'll put in a good word for you sure but look what being in the "club" has gotten me so are you sure???? you want me to mention your name???? You think this is painful....this is just the initiation......I haven't even reached "club" status!

    Dear Ginna,

    Ya......the bleach is working...other wise I'd be onto some other horrendous burns but it will be worth it when the fungus is all gone right?

  5. crap, nevermind. i think someone already mentioned my name before this last pregnancy...i guess i don't need any more of


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