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Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day!

Here in the Beehive State the 24th of July is a day of celebration. A day where we celebrate our pioneer's who years ago struggled across the plains and settled here in Utah. It is a day where we get to set off another hideous amount of fire works across the state.

Our day started like any other. Hot and the punks were hungry. The apricot trees didn't care. I find their indifference to my punks ranting outbursts slightly irritating but there you have it. Fruit needed to be picked and it needed to be picked NOW! No one told them that the 24th is a holiday around here.

So, I spent my holiday canning apricot jam. Not a bad way to honor our pioneer's actually. Truthfully, I am grateful for the fruit. Aren't these jars just purdy? I luv apricot jam and syrup almost to the point of being sinful.

After the last jars were bathed in their own little hot water bath we ran to Spanish Fork for the Fiesta Day's Rodeo! The highlight? The clown. He did a smashing job and had us all cracking up more times than I care to admit.

We had a great time until the fireworks when Levi freaked out and I had to carry all 300 pounds of him to the car which was blocks away as he moaned and hid his face in my neck. By the time we reached the car my back was setting off fire works of its own.

Earlier Brian took the kids out in the canoe on the river while I napped. No pictures but they all talked about what a blast they had. I think looking back on the was a pretty good one celebrated in honor of our pioneer ancestry.


  1. I love the glow of newly filled jam jars. Wish you could keep them in the windows, just for the color and the light. You are doing too much, as usual. Bless your heart and your dang sinews.

  2. I don't think I have the patience to do that much jam!! You're family looks cute all dressed fits you guys!!


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