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Monday, July 21, 2008

Funny Levi sayings

Levi is on one this morning and is cracking me up.

Levi: Oh my holy cows! (Translation: Holy Cow!)

Levi: Look at the pig! (Translation: Look at the dog!)

Mom: That is a puppy. That is Joel's puppy. That is a dog. (The neighbor's dog that can't stay in its own yard.)

Levi: Where's the pig go? (Translation: Where did the dog go?)

Levi: No, that's a puppy mom........that's Joel's pig. (Translation: none needed..........)

Mom: That is right. That is a puppy. Not a pig.

Levi: That's right. That is a puppy. NOT A PIG!

Levi: Where's the pig mom? Where's the pig go? It's gone. We need to get it.

Levi: Is that a puppy mom?

Mom: No, it's a pig.

Levi: It's not a pig mom. It's a puppy. Is it a pig mom? Where's the puppy go? Did it wun away? Do you know?

Mom: I don't know. Where did it go?

Levi: It's gone. Where's the pig go mom? Where's the pig go mom? Where's the pig go? We have to call it furst.

Mom: What are we gonna call it?

Levi: I'ts a pig. Not a dog. It's a puppy!


  1. Actually, I couldn't write a script that would do what that just did. Bless his heart. But he has a point - it really is like we have three pigs around here . . .

  2. Some puppies look like pigs, right? But the funniest part is that he knows quite well it's not a pig. I love it!


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