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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holly Hobbie

Took my baby girl clothes shopping for school. When we got home I made her try everything on for me. I would never want to go back in time and go back to school but I WOULD love to go back and have those feelings of excitement as school gets nearer and the new clothes.......reason to get new excuse to get new clothes.............a requirement to have new clothes........I think I want some new clothes..........

Why is it that things look so adorable "small"? If I did my hair like that and put on those clothes I'd look like a Holly Hobbie doll gone bad........reeeeaaaal bad.
All Kirsten needs is a little bonnet and some brown shoes and she'd look just like Holly!


  1. Did you do that hair yo'own self? My word. How did a hoyden from Montana learn to do hair like that? I remember those feelings, too. I liked them best in High School, though - that feeling. Like a girl. And in college. Now, I never go anywhere, so I can't justify even taking the time to brush my hair!

  2. That outfit is absolutely adorable! Would you mind sharing where you got it? I've got to go school shopping for Averie...she starts preschool this yeah ya know. That is the perfect excuse for me to buy her more clothes! I also remember the great feeling of getting NEW school clothes it was the best!

  3. Kristen,

    I did do Kirsten's hair and she hated every long hour of it. It turned out SO DANG CUTE ......don't know if she'll let me do it again that way though.


    I bought Kirsten's clothes at the GAP! We like the GAP.... :o) Brian doesn't...... :o)

  4. she's so adorable! The little girl clothes at the gap just kill me every time I go in there.
    Max wears gap sale clothes almost exclusively!
    I always loved back to school clothes shopping. I miss it.

  5. Rachel just for future my email is :)

  6. Pwease come do my hair like this!


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