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Friday, July 11, 2008

She has a point you know..........

Why hello Kirsten..........umm what are you and the dog doing on top of the garbage can?

She is a sensible punk. At least she is sitting on the recyling can.

A little too sensible actually. We recently had a conversation that they didn't have me prepared for in the "Parenting for Idiots" book.

It went something like this:

Kirsten: How come my brothers get to play outside with their shirts off and I don't?

Mom: Well, because they are boys and you are a girl and you need to cover your privates.

Kirsten: But.......I don't HAVE any of those PRIVATES YET!

(Mumbling under my breath..........) Ya, well I don't either but I still have to wear my shirt........and you're isn't fair...........

Brian is taking the boys camping this weekend. I think Kirsten and I will have a topless evening. Ya, I think we may just do that! That'll show one cuz it will be just Kirsten and I but liberation has to start some where dang it!


  1. You nuts. Give me a big old swimming pool of a sweat shirt ANY old day!!!

  2. that's hilarious! She does have a good point. :)


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