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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We survived the weekend!

Normally at this time of year we are up in the mountains. We spend pretty much the entire month of July tucked away enjoying nature at its best. Levi does not handle the fire works very well. This year because no one wants to take over my position being president of the couch potato society we stayed home.

I worried that it would be a drudge for the punks because we didn't have anything planned and we hadn't bought any fireworks. Our hope was to spend the day playing and then get Levi in bed as soon as possible before all of the neighbors started setting off their pyro maniac shows.

The day started at 5:30 in the morning with the balloon launch. Brian likes taking the punks. I like staying in bed as long as absolutely possible. A few minutes before the parade starts I fall out of bed, try to make myself presentable, call Brian and ask where he and the punks are, and then join them just as the parade begins. It is a good system I think. That is just my opinion of course and I'm not going to ask Brian what his is because I do not like change. I like things the way they are and I think this works out quite nicely and I'm all over things that work out quite nicely which is why I love our tradition of going to our friends the Randle's for the 4th.

For more photo's and a better explanation you can go to her website which I have posted on this page (Kristen Randle).

Every year she does this my punks have a wonderful time, the adults are stuffed to the gills with good food and conversation, and we all leave feeling satisfied that we've celebrated the 4th the way it should be. Surrounded by family and friends in a back yard with lots of good ol' BBQ! Mmmmm Guy the burgers were amazing!

This year as I sat and watched the punks play it hit me how traditions are started, how they continue, and the cycles that are played out.

Years ago when our family started going up until this year it had always been Kristen's punks that have run the games. Kristen is of course behind it all but her punks would run the games taking all of the little neighborhood punks around the yard starting with the fish pond. They would go from game to game collecting their little prizes.

This year, Kristen's children are grown up and gone (well, Char was there but Char was gone in another way......tossing her cookies poor girl.) so my oldest son and one of his friends were in charge of the games.

I sat there watching this because as you remember I'm the president of the couch potato club and so it was beneath me to get up and actually help. As I sat there and watched these two boys it hit me. The cycle. It started with Kristen's punks running the games for my punks. Now it is my older punks running the games and as Kristen's grandpunks get older and can participate it will be my punks who run the games for them and the cycle will continue.........

I love traditions. I love living in a neighborhood where our punks are watched over and loved. Where neighbors become aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma's and grandpa's. I love that a loving friend/sister jumped in and made my punks 4th so wonderful and special when their original plans were squashed under their mum's big bahootie under the couch.

Actually, if you want the truth of it I'll tell you but only if you don't tell anyone else. It is all a facade. I'm not actually sick. I voted myself in as president of the couch potato society because the truth of the matter is.........have you seen what is under my couch? This is how it all started. One day I bumped against my couch and a horrible thing happened. It moved! Yes, the dang thing actually moved. It was terrifying. I saw a tiny glimpse of what was under there and it was then that I realized what I needed to do. I've been here ever since holding this couch down firmly so that others do not have to witness the horrors.......oh the horrors of what I saw! It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. It's called tough love baby and that is the truth. The whole truth, nuthin' but the truth, that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it......and this here couch....cuz I'm like that. Just doin' my duty.....


  1. I'm so glad youguys were there. I really miss my parent's 4th extravaganzas. They're always such a blast. Thanks for standing in for me :)

  2. You always leave cute comments for me, thank you! I feel the same way about traditions and family and neighbors becoming family... And even though I know you are kidding about the couch, I have the same things lurking under mine... I think you should start a club!

  3. That's why my couch is on carpet with its back to the wall - and stays there until the one time in the year when I have the courage to vacuum behind it.

    You know, there'd really be no glorious 4th without you-all. I just pull everybody into the same yard. It's y'all having children that a curmudgeon child-hater like me actually can love and turn her back on - that's what makes the day happen for me.

    So there, you. And the flag cake. And the broccoli salad, which I just finished yesterday . . .

  4. I understand the pains of new traditions. Growing up I always went to my grandparents for the 4th of July. When I got married we decided to start some of our own traditions (the 4th being one of them). I still wish I could go back to the feeling of being a kid at Grandpa and Grandma's for the 4th!

    If you start a "don't look under my couch club" I definately qualify as a member!


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