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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love this punk!

This is my oldest punk. If he looks tall in this photo it is because he is. Tall not just in height but in character as well.

Yesterday we went to a reservoir and played in the water. Having so many little punks who will sink faster then lead I asked the older punks to help me keep an eye on the babies.

I asked my oldest to watch over this punk Levi. Not an easy one to take care of which is why I asked him. He is so patient and loving when he takes care of Levi.

I don't know of too many 14 almost 15 year old boys who will spend hours playing with and taking care of their younger brother while there are "babes" to be scoped out and to look "cool" for.

But that is the type of punk that he is. He'll even let his little sister splash him with water.

See that farmer tan he's sporting? He has earned that this summer working his tail off day after day in the hot sun working for a neighbor of ours.....can't believe my baby is all growed up and off making money. Hey punk who I birthed..........for starters there are some clothes that I've had my eye on that I think you should get for me and when you've done that I'll let you know what else I've been drooling over....

Look at the way he gently splashes his brother making sure the water doesn't get in his face.

Or here where his brother got sand all over his face and in his eyes so Brennan is gently washing his face.........

Dadgumm I love this punk!


  1. I can't believe how big and grown up he is either. You have such wonderful kids!

  2. Hey, I love the tan!!!! Looks like a "mini" Brian -- hee, hee -- and when did he pass his dad up????

  3. He's so adorable and so manly at the same time! When I was single and lookin' I always thought it very attractive when a guy would be sweet to his younger siblings. He's going to be a serious catch I think! And look at that hair!

  4. Once upon a time, it was Brennan, sitting on a towel in Michelle's backyard - not so very big, then, and very quiet - who saved his only sister from drowning. "K's in the pool," he said. We almost missed it. But I looked up and saw the tiny, flailing fists and feet, just above the raised wall of the pool. And then you, blowing through the crowded yard like a rocket, up the pool steps - reaching, and coming up with a rag doll of a girl child, moments from too late - all because her brother was paying attention.

    He was a man today. I was proud.

  5. That looks nothing like Brennan. He's changed so much!

    And I tried making the brownies. WOW!!!

  6. What an awesome young man! From kindergarten cutie to hunk in a flash! Time flies away even when you think you're watching. Love you guys, Gramma K


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