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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whu whu whu whu whaaaat........

is wrong with our society?

Later this morning I will be taking my dogs to the vet. Not because they need their vaccinations. That was taken care of last week........the bill paid........and us living on left over dog food crumbs for a week because of it. No, they are going back to the vet because they need to have DENTAL WORK DONE! Is this really necessary? Well, according to the vet if you don't then your dog will die some horrible periodontal death and we as the owners will be blamed and made to feel like some horse eating flesh skin disease if we don't!

I start to reason with myself. "Well, if you are going to have pets then you need to be able to take care of them". Then another voice in my inner self pipes up (I have several inner voices. Don't be alarmed.....I'm not) "Well, ya but growing up on the farm our dogs never had dental work done and they were fine and lived normal healthy farm dog animal lives!"

The real clincher is the bill. I have been given an "estimation" of what the bill "may" cost but, "we won't know of course until we get in there and look to see". I came home with my estimation and am still shaking my head. Something is wrong with a society when their dog's dental bill is higher than their children's!


  1. That is too true. That is part of the reason we don't have pets, yet.

  2. I have solemnly decided that few dogs in the history of the world have ever had their teeth brushed by human hands, or have had dentists. Poor Skye has rotten teeth, I'm almost sure. But somehow - I can't see it, myself, that huge bill, the anesthesia. Somethin' just ain't right . . .


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