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Monday, July 14, 2008

Jane Austin

I have been thinking how best to go about this post with out offending every Jane Austin movie freak watcher out there. I'm one of them by the way........Anything remotely having to do with Jane Austin and I am all over it baby. I've read and own every one of her books (I think.....I hope.....if not......would you please let me know? Thanks.......phew......I feel better cuz I'd hate to miss out.)

I do not have to tell anyone who might be reading this.......does anyone read this blog? Oh, I'm sorry.........I find it quite painful to read too. We should start a support group but only if we can bring treats and chocolate has to be the main ingredient.......

Did I have a point? Snort.......I mean other than the one on the top of my head.........oh ya.......Jane Austin and movies.

One of my all time favorite movies is of course THE "Pride and Prejudice" with Colin Firth and Jeniffer Ehle done by A&E. Absolutely fabulous. They did a great job not only following the book but also in casting the characters.

In Jane Austin's book, "Mansfield Park" you find that the female lead character is not your typical Jane Austin female lead. I won't ruin it any further by giving away any particulars but she is different. Different in a good way. I like "Mansfield Park" and so that is why I figured I'd like the movie. I've seen other movies like, "Emma" and "Sense and Sensibility" and so on and have enjoyed them. I won't say that they are the caliber of "Pride and Prejudice" but they have been enjoyable. Why wouldn't "Mansfield Park" then be enjoyable?

I'll tell you why. When a person like me reads or watches anything that has to do with Jane Austin it is because I want to enjoy something wholesome and uplifting. Well, apparently the makers of this particular movie felt that Jane Austin was a bit of a stiff and decided to "enliven" things up a bit.
By the time I had finished with the movie I was so mad and irritated at what the producers had done if they'd been anywhere near I'd have wrung their scrawny little necks. (They are scrawny because all they are holding up are tiny little pin heads..) Did they read the book because the trash they came up with was NOT in the book.........nor would Jane in her day and time being a respectable lady have ever dreamt of writing such trash because that is what it was. Trash.
But why am I surprised? Why would anyone actually want to go and spend money on a movie that would actually be clean and uplift? "It is what the people want......." Well guess what? I'm THE PEOPLE and that is NOT what I want.........but I'm not the majority am I?
My the book......don't watch the movie.......and don't watch the movie "Becoming Jane" either because apparently they didn't read "the book" either who ever produced it.........
Oh my! Did you hear that??? It is Jane rolling over in her grave! Poor girl.......


  1. I think I remember mansfield park and that we didn't like the movie. I'll have to ask my mom if she remembers.
    I was going to see becoming jane though. Is it bad?

  2. Just thought I'd let you know that I discovered your blog about a month or so ago and have been enjoying it ever since! I love your expressive writing!
    By the way... Those things in the "hallway" of the mall are called kiosks, I believe. Still don't know the offical word for the "hallway," though...

  3. Oh dear - you shoulda asked me first. We saw the dang thing in the theaters and hated it. I read the book, and the story has got some pretty bad behavior in it, but the charm of the book is that she is able to communicate the badness without making a spectacle of it - and without giving it so much weight that it outweighs the POINT, which is the GOOD GIRL WINS>

    And Becoming Jane is just stupid. Disappointing.

    Oh, well.

    And the hallway in the mall? Actually the hallways kind of ARE the mall. But you can actually call them concourses, or causeways? or halls (wow) or wait - I've got others. But I have to go to bed.


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