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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thank you photo thief!

Who ever took all of the photo's on this here bloggy thing has returned them. Their back. That really was odd.......when I looked under the "help" section my blog wasn't the only one that had been robbed of its photo's. I think perhaps what happened is the thief grabbed all of the photo's off of several blogs in a quick mad crime spree and when had time to actually look at what he'd/she'd stolen realized that with my photo's at least they weren't worth stealing so thank you photo thief for returning the photo's back to their rightful owner. I won't press charges this time but if it happens in the future I may have to apply corporal punishment and make you babysit my punks for a week! Two of which by the way are still in diapers and one of them (I won't mention any names.....) packs a nasty punch with his.........makes a mess in his "Levi's" every time.......

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