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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cleo! This one's for you!

A couple of days ago when I posted about our swimming trip to the reservoir my niece Cleo wanted to know if there were any pictures of her favorite cousin Matthew. I guess she was pretty disgusted that the only pictures I posted were of her older cousin who has cooties soooo Cleo. This post is for you! A Matthew smorgasbord with your other cousins thrown in here and there for your viewing pleasure.

What is it with sand that brings out the canine in all of us? I do it too. I can't leave the sand alone. I try. Oh I try but as soon as my mind starts to wander.....gasp! I look down and my hands have moved on their own free will and are busy covering my feet with sand.......why is that? I'm going to have to spend some time mulling that one over.

Matthew spent untold hours chasing after this punk who never tired the entire evening of running all over the beach and into the water. Better get Matthew something to eat! Laws that boy is ribby. Doesn't anyone ever feed you? Who's your mother? I'm gonna have a word or two with her.

Child abuse all over the place! That punk running out of the water is ribby too! And look at the one sitting in the sand. His shoulder blades are about to pop out of his skin!

Come here you poor neglected souls. Have an otter pop.....or two.....or three.......get some meat on them thar bones of yorns.

Do I really need to comment on this punk's tongue? If you do not know what I'm referring to go back in my blog and read the post, "Michael Jordon has nothin' on this punk"........or something to the effect of that. (If I were really cool like some people I know I'd have the link right here in this sentence and you could just click on it but I'm not cool and I don't know how to do that yet. Ginna? Help?)

Kirsten demonstrates the difficulty of doing ballet position number plies while on your back with your feet covered in sand. Don't try this at home children. She is a professional!

Oh Mercy! I'm melting................Someone delete this picture quick. I can't afford to give birth to another one of these..........

If only my punks would be so diligent in digging out their rooms as the hours they spent digging in the sand.............

I told ya! It's that canine thing!

I think Matthew is trying to tell me he is cold.......or he has too much sand down his pants.....

Look at the look on Colin's face compared to Kirsten's. Do ya think Colin is enjoying babysitting Kirsten? And do ya think Kirsten is reveling in bossing her older brother around? Nah.....I didn't think so either. Kirsten would NEVER think of doing that.

Trevor is using this opportunity to work his biceps. Lift Jadon one, lift Jadon two, lift Jadon three.........

Back in the sand...............woof! Woof!

Mmmm, life can't get better than this. A dog in one hand and chips in the other with a blazing sunset in the background............

Happy day Cleo! I luv ya!

Auntie Madussa



  1. Matthew is so adorable! I remember holding him when he was a teeny weeny baby. It was fun.
    Oh, and Max's Nemo outfit like Levi's--his fish have peeled off the shirt too, and the elastic on his shorts totally gave out, they wouldn't even stay up at all. So I had to chuck them. But we still wear the shirt.

    Allright, ready for a quick tutorial?
    Go to the blog post you want to link to in your sentence, then right click on the title and pick "copy link" or "copy link location" or something like that.
    Then in your compose screen there's a little icon up at the top that looks like a little world with a chain on it or something like that.
    First you select your text that you want to turn into the link, then you click that button. Then in the little screen that came up you paste the info you got from your other post.
    Then it should work!
    Clear as mud?
    I can explain better if you need me to (maybe) just email me!

  2. If that is your puppy..please please let me babysit it! I want a puppy so bad but our apt doesnt allow pets. :( we will be there friday! I cant wait! We are only a couple blocks from you!! :)

  3. Is that a new puppy? Are you crazy???? Haven't you got enough to deal with???? Kaela is dying and wants to come over immediately and hold that puppy.

  4. Your punks are adorable - when they're not drowning. I think I like the Brachel breed very well.


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