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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holly Hobbie

Took my baby girl clothes shopping for school. When we got home I made her try everything on for me. I would never want to go back in time and go back to school but I WOULD love to go back and have those feelings of excitement as school gets nearer and the new clothes.......reason to get new excuse to get new clothes.............a requirement to have new clothes........I think I want some new clothes..........

Why is it that things look so adorable "small"? If I did my hair like that and put on those clothes I'd look like a Holly Hobbie doll gone bad........reeeeaaaal bad.
All Kirsten needs is a little bonnet and some brown shoes and she'd look just like Holly!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have spent today near tears with a lump in my throat that I can't seem to swallow past. Why oh why does parenting have to be so danged hard sometimes?

This morning while getting my punks out the door to go to the zoo I noticed that Colin's bunny had died in the night. I am just sick over it and feel like it is my fault. We have kept the bunny in the house since the day we bought it but just a few days ago we put it outside and I think the heat got to it.

I didn't want Colin to see her so I rushed the punks out the door and pretended that everything was just dandy so Colin's day wouldn't be ruined. Meanwhile, I'm near tears and about to suffocate from the lump in my throat while pretending that everything is fine.

I had my friend Kristen come over while we were gone and take care of Dustclops. I didn't want Colin to find her. Now THAT is a true friend. Someone who will come to your house while you're gone and take care of a corpse.......

I still haven't told Colin........he has piano lessons and I know that he'll be a mess. I'M A MESS! The image keeps playing in my mind of Colin just yesterday walking around the house with his bunny snuggled up under his neck..........I know I'm going to have to tell him and it is going to kill me. Not till after piano lessons though.........

If I left for a week could someone else step in and tell my poor boy with the great big huge brown eyes that his mother is a murderer and when he's finally forgiven me.......let me know and I'll come back home........if he ever does forgive me...........choking on that big lump in my throat.....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cleo! This one's for you!

A couple of days ago when I posted about our swimming trip to the reservoir my niece Cleo wanted to know if there were any pictures of her favorite cousin Matthew. I guess she was pretty disgusted that the only pictures I posted were of her older cousin who has cooties soooo Cleo. This post is for you! A Matthew smorgasbord with your other cousins thrown in here and there for your viewing pleasure.

What is it with sand that brings out the canine in all of us? I do it too. I can't leave the sand alone. I try. Oh I try but as soon as my mind starts to wander.....gasp! I look down and my hands have moved on their own free will and are busy covering my feet with sand.......why is that? I'm going to have to spend some time mulling that one over.

Matthew spent untold hours chasing after this punk who never tired the entire evening of running all over the beach and into the water. Better get Matthew something to eat! Laws that boy is ribby. Doesn't anyone ever feed you? Who's your mother? I'm gonna have a word or two with her.

Child abuse all over the place! That punk running out of the water is ribby too! And look at the one sitting in the sand. His shoulder blades are about to pop out of his skin!

Come here you poor neglected souls. Have an otter pop.....or two.....or three.......get some meat on them thar bones of yorns.

Do I really need to comment on this punk's tongue? If you do not know what I'm referring to go back in my blog and read the post, "Michael Jordon has nothin' on this punk"........or something to the effect of that. (If I were really cool like some people I know I'd have the link right here in this sentence and you could just click on it but I'm not cool and I don't know how to do that yet. Ginna? Help?)

Kirsten demonstrates the difficulty of doing ballet position number plies while on your back with your feet covered in sand. Don't try this at home children. She is a professional!

Oh Mercy! I'm melting................Someone delete this picture quick. I can't afford to give birth to another one of these..........

If only my punks would be so diligent in digging out their rooms as the hours they spent digging in the sand.............

I told ya! It's that canine thing!

I think Matthew is trying to tell me he is cold.......or he has too much sand down his pants.....

Look at the look on Colin's face compared to Kirsten's. Do ya think Colin is enjoying babysitting Kirsten? And do ya think Kirsten is reveling in bossing her older brother around? Nah.....I didn't think so either. Kirsten would NEVER think of doing that.

Trevor is using this opportunity to work his biceps. Lift Jadon one, lift Jadon two, lift Jadon three.........

Back in the sand...............woof! Woof!

Mmmm, life can't get better than this. A dog in one hand and chips in the other with a blazing sunset in the background............

Happy day Cleo! I luv ya!

Auntie Madussa


Monday, July 28, 2008

Silver lining in the color of mmmmm home made bread!

I have been so on the verge of tears all day today. Trying oh so hard to be brave and positive but I have been doing SO GOOD (well, beside the plague........) but the mono has been taking a nap and I've had great days and strength is returning to my limp fat limbs and I have been high on thoughts of recovery!

This morning the mono woke up and reared its ugly head and I am back on the couch looking at all of the stuff I was going to do today and sniffle.......sniffle........snort......I really prefer being vertical ya know?

Long soggy day and then guess what? I find out that tomorrow a loaf of homemade bread will be delivered to my very self and all of a sudden I am giddy and happy and life aint so bad is it? IS IT? Naw, not when you have friends who love you and bring you fresh home made bread. Misty Bond! You're the best!

Now! Who else feels sorry for me? HUH? HUH? HUH?

Beastie Beads

There is a website that I've gone to for a couple of years now that I absolutely love and have to share with the rest of you because when you see what this gal makes you will be rushing to her site buying up all of her beads and the rest of us will be weeping and waling and gnashing our teeth!

Beware! Don't let your punks see these.........or they will do all sorts of jobs around the house trying to earn money so they can buy scads of these as well and it will leave none for you!

Isn't he just adorable? This gal just amazes me! She makes these out of glass. The creativity is beyond my scope but I am glad Heavenly Father gave her such talent because He sure didn't give me any in this department so I'm glad I can buy them from her.

The gal who I am talking about is Teila Hanks and lawsy mercy I love what she does.

How cute is this little guy? I love his tongue! I love the detail. I love, I love, I love....I gotta have this one.

Oh! Oh! Oh! This little guy is on her e-bay listings. I have to have this little guy. This is what my baby looks like after he has gotten into doo doo. Teila has caught the look perfectly!

Okay, I may not be able to make these little creatures but I think I'm seeing a set here. How about that cute puppy further up on my blog and this little guy......."The fox and the hound"........Okay, I know the puppy isn't a hound but IT COULD BE and they still go cute together!!

I actually have a necklace very similar to this and I luv luv luv it! I wear it all of the time. It is my favorite.

I CAN'T STAND IT! Should I be mean and keep all of the info. to myself? Oooooh, it is tempting but I like Teila too much. You've got to go and check out her website. The creatures she has are amazing. My punks have dragons and snails and ponies and alligator's and bears and bunnies.......they beg to visit this site all of the time. It is definitely one of our favorites and I have a feeling will become one of yours too!

Here is the link to her website:

You can buy beads off of her site AND she puts some up on e-bay as well.

Have fun shopping and let me know what you've bought cuz I will be sinfully jealous but happy for you because there has not been one bead we haven't been delighted with.

For Christmas I bought a mare and her little filly for my niece and made a book mark out of it with ribbon. It turned out to be the cutest thing and I almost kept it for myself.......I SAID ALMOST!

Have fun shopping! We'll probably run into each other. If I don't say "hi" don't take it personal. Not trying to be rude......I'll just be focused on beads..........

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Me and Job.......

I usually don't post on Sunday's. Kind of a busy day what with getting the punks all spit shined and ready for church and by the time we get home the savages are starving and then I spend the rest of the day well.........resting......... cuz the Sabbath is a day of rest right? RIGHT?

Beings as I stayed home today because I'm contagious and all with this Athlete's ring I decided I'd ruminate with you on the subject of using bleach on ones body for an extra length of time. Don't worry. I'll do it biblically so you won't be breaking your Sabbath by reading.......

See this finger? Name it Rachel. Ya, I know that is my name. That is the point. Hee!

Now, see the taller finger next to Rachel? That is Job. We're gonna name it Job.

Why am I naming these finger's Rachel and Job? Well, you see......Job kind of ran into a bit of hard luck and I realize that he was covered in boils and not fungus but I do have a point you see? HEE!

When one uses bleach for an extensive amount of time on ones start to get blisters....and they kind of look like boils and Job..............

We're like this!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love this punk!

This is my oldest punk. If he looks tall in this photo it is because he is. Tall not just in height but in character as well.

Yesterday we went to a reservoir and played in the water. Having so many little punks who will sink faster then lead I asked the older punks to help me keep an eye on the babies.

I asked my oldest to watch over this punk Levi. Not an easy one to take care of which is why I asked him. He is so patient and loving when he takes care of Levi.

I don't know of too many 14 almost 15 year old boys who will spend hours playing with and taking care of their younger brother while there are "babes" to be scoped out and to look "cool" for.

But that is the type of punk that he is. He'll even let his little sister splash him with water.

See that farmer tan he's sporting? He has earned that this summer working his tail off day after day in the hot sun working for a neighbor of ours.....can't believe my baby is all growed up and off making money. Hey punk who I birthed..........for starters there are some clothes that I've had my eye on that I think you should get for me and when you've done that I'll let you know what else I've been drooling over....

Look at the way he gently splashes his brother making sure the water doesn't get in his face.

Or here where his brother got sand all over his face and in his eyes so Brennan is gently washing his face.........

Dadgumm I love this punk!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day!

Here in the Beehive State the 24th of July is a day of celebration. A day where we celebrate our pioneer's who years ago struggled across the plains and settled here in Utah. It is a day where we get to set off another hideous amount of fire works across the state.

Our day started like any other. Hot and the punks were hungry. The apricot trees didn't care. I find their indifference to my punks ranting outbursts slightly irritating but there you have it. Fruit needed to be picked and it needed to be picked NOW! No one told them that the 24th is a holiday around here.

So, I spent my holiday canning apricot jam. Not a bad way to honor our pioneer's actually. Truthfully, I am grateful for the fruit. Aren't these jars just purdy? I luv apricot jam and syrup almost to the point of being sinful.

After the last jars were bathed in their own little hot water bath we ran to Spanish Fork for the Fiesta Day's Rodeo! The highlight? The clown. He did a smashing job and had us all cracking up more times than I care to admit.

We had a great time until the fireworks when Levi freaked out and I had to carry all 300 pounds of him to the car which was blocks away as he moaned and hid his face in my neck. By the time we reached the car my back was setting off fire works of its own.

Earlier Brian took the kids out in the canoe on the river while I napped. No pictures but they all talked about what a blast they had. I think looking back on the was a pretty good one celebrated in honor of our pioneer ancestry.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Frankenstein......your bride is looking for you!!!

"Desperate times lead to desperate measures"....................what movie is that from????

If anyone doubts this ask a poor bloated pregnant mom as she gets closer to her due date what she has done lately trying to induce the onset of labor herself? Having had as many punks as I've had I can proudly tell you that I've tried them all.........and none of them worked.........

This is just a precursor of things to come. We as parents think we are in charge but it starts from the womb.......they come when they decide......they potty train when they decide.........etc. etc. etc. etc.

I have hit desperate times. It's name is ring worm. Is it a worm? No, it is a fungus. It is in the same family as Athlete's foot. Why pray tell me can't they call it Athlete's ring? It makes me feel like any second my skin is going to start rippling and as I stare in horror a slimy wiggly worm will ooze its way out of the center of the ring. Remember growing up and reading fairy tales? In them we'd read that if you came across a circle of mushrooms to kneel in the middle and it was magic? Well.......mushrooms are fungus right? I have rings of fungus on me.........I'm in the center of them..........I'm not feeling the magic...............

I have the plague! What in tarnation does a person do when they are hit with the plague? It isn't a small case either. Since my immune system is down.........sigh.........I am literally covered in the things and they are taking the "multiply and replenish" quite seriously.

I started to look on the internet for a cure. Suggestion: try anti fungus cream. Okay.....did it. Anything happening? Nope. Try anti fungus cream and cover it in a band aid. Well....if I had only one or two spots......and they weren't where you can see them.......but hey, they have this new liquid band aid stuff! Ya, I'll try that. Run to the out all of their bandage supplies......come home and apply. The stuff stinks to high heck. Is it working? Nope! Okay, back to the internet....any more ideas? Maybe it was the liquid bandaids. Maybe if I try real bandaids. Cover every sore in a huge amount of cream and then apply a bandaid. Fourty -five bandaids later and me feeling like I've been attacked by killer bees I try to go to sleep for the night. Next morning.........anything? Nope. Feeling very depressed as the fungus creeps higher and higher and is now crawling (do worms crawl?) up my neck and onto my jaw. Gasoline! Why don't I just douse the suckers in gasoline and light them on fire? Desperate. I'm feeling desperate when gasoline sounds like my last and only hope. Back to the internet. Bleach. Cover them in bleach. Day one I'd have said, "you've got to be kidding me!" Day 7.......BRING ON THE BLEACH!

What is the difference between putting bleach on your skin and gasoline? NOTHING! They both stink and sting like nobodies business. I now stink and don't even get me started on the stinging.

Next it working? Hmmmm, maybe.....enough to make me do it again? You betcha. I think I see a tiny difference. Bring on the bleach baby! Just in case.......back to the internet. Sun tanning. Off to the tanning beds (yes, I disinfected so no one else will get it) I'm laying in the tanning beds thinking to myself.........ring cancer............ring cancer..............

Brian mentions some machine that you can hook yourself up to that sends electrical pulses through you and kills all demons from hell. His brother has one.......swears by it..........Day 1 I look at him and say, "Are you kidding me? My eye is already twitching from all the stress I'm want my entire being to twitch?" Day 7, GET ME THAT MACHINE AND SET IT TO OPTIMUM LEVEL. I want the shock treatment Zeus himself. What? It takes how long to get one of those machines? No worries......a friend and neighbor has one. She hooks me up and starts to zapping. My horses have an electrical fence. Why don't I just go and lay on it for awhile?

"Franky! I'm hoooooome!"

Behold and beware. The end is upon us! I have spent my life dancing, mincing, and I stinketh...............

The eleventh leper

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Put your hands up! I've got a library card!!!

This morning I had to run some errands. Since the price of gasoline is so high I try to consolidate as many as I can.

Some books that we had on hold were ready to be picked up at the library so on my way home I swung by to get them.

I felt very smug, warm, fuzzy, and wifely. One of the books was one that my husband had on hold and I imagined how he would react when I told him I'd picked it up for him. Ooooh, I'm such a good little wifey.

I had Colin with me. We grabbed our books and went to check out. At our local library they have these check out booth thingy's where you can check out your books yourself instead of standing in a long line waiting for an actual person to check out your books for you.......that is in theory......if all of your books will go through........which mine never not only do I sit and spend time trying to check books out myself with the machine thingy but then I get all irritated at the machine smacking it, calling it all sorts of names, and shoving my book through the scanner over and over hoping that maybe THIS time it'll go through...............never does. I then go and stand in the long line and wait for the library person to check out my books for me....

Today was no different. Two wouldn't go through wouldn't you know it. I took them to the front desk........waited in line.........and when I finally made it to the front was greeted by a dour faced young lady.

She checked out the one book to me and then informed me that the other book I was trying to check out was not in my name. I told her that yes, I knew that. It was in my husbands name and I was trying to check it out for him.

Ooooh, the power behind a badge. You know what I'm talking about don't you? Give a person a little power and they think they rule the entire library???? The chin jutted out and she wouldn't look me in the eye. No, I couldn't check out the book because I did not have my husband's library card!

I thought, you have got to be KIDDING ME! I am NOT going to make ANOTHER trip just to check out a book that I could check out RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I'M STANDING HERE.

She then told me, "well now you'll know in the future"! Ooooh heaven help us if this gal ever did get behind a real badge besides her library name tag.

Well, that is quite all right you little darlin' cuz I can play dirty too! And that is just what I did. I went behind her stiff little back and found a dear dear dear can I say dear enough? No, if you met her you'd be calling her dear and other affectionate names as well.......My dear librarian friend. I asked her if she wanted to be among the criminally minded and help me steal this book. Oh she is delightful.

I won't tell you all that she did because I do not want to get her into any trouble what so ever but lets just worries........the book will secretly be delivered into my hands under cover of darkness whilst a raging thunder storm is going on because that is when all criminal master minds do their best work! Or......when she'll finally get off work and get to leave the library but the other sounds more romantic doesn't it?

I did try to go back one last time to snag the book but that sniffer of a librarian hid it. She walked past me without looking me in the eye with her lips pursed and I swear I saw a wart growing on the tip of her nose.......

Monday, July 21, 2008

Funny Levi sayings

Levi is on one this morning and is cracking me up.

Levi: Oh my holy cows! (Translation: Holy Cow!)

Levi: Look at the pig! (Translation: Look at the dog!)

Mom: That is a puppy. That is Joel's puppy. That is a dog. (The neighbor's dog that can't stay in its own yard.)

Levi: Where's the pig go? (Translation: Where did the dog go?)

Levi: No, that's a puppy mom........that's Joel's pig. (Translation: none needed..........)

Mom: That is right. That is a puppy. Not a pig.

Levi: That's right. That is a puppy. NOT A PIG!

Levi: Where's the pig mom? Where's the pig go? It's gone. We need to get it.

Levi: Is that a puppy mom?

Mom: No, it's a pig.

Levi: It's not a pig mom. It's a puppy. Is it a pig mom? Where's the puppy go? Did it wun away? Do you know?

Mom: I don't know. Where did it go?

Levi: It's gone. Where's the pig go mom? Where's the pig go mom? Where's the pig go? We have to call it furst.

Mom: What are we gonna call it?

Levi: I'ts a pig. Not a dog. It's a puppy!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Much better.......

Now THIS is a much better photo of me. Not all photo's catch the true me and who ever the photographer was he/she is hired. I am totally photogenic in this photo. The angle is breath taking. I can't get over the artistry and feeling of this portrait. I'm trying to decide what it says. All art should have a title........

Disturbing isn't it?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just checkin'..........

Brian is in San Fran for the week. While talking to him on the phone last night I told him to go and look at my blog and photo.

Me: Ewwwww ugggh! That isn't what I look like is it?

Brian: It doesn't capture all of your beauty".

Me: Really? Cuz when I saw that photo I thought it looked like a freaky haggy woman.

Brian: No, it doesn't do you justice. Your skin looks blotchy and you don't have blotchy skin.

Me: I look just freaky in that photo. I'm not photogenic am I?

Brian: Not all of the time.

Me: No, not like Kirsten, Colin, and Matthew.........

Brian: No.

Me: When I see photo's of myself I don't think they look like me. I always hate them and think ohhhh ick.

Brian: I think you're beautiful!

Me: Aaaaaah, really? You're not just saying that cuz you've been gone for a week?

Brian: (grinning through the phone) I miss you and I always think you are beautiful.

Me: Thanks.........I miss you too............

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sigh........I'm one of them.............

I had never met a celebrity before but I had decided that IF I ever did I would refuse to act like the slobbering throngs of people that you see with ogling eyes and give the person their space. I wouldn't even look at them. Well....maybe a quick glance but that would be all because I'm nice that way right?

Took the punks last night to the Days of 47 rodeo up in Salt Lake. It is rodeo season and I luv luv luv a good rodeo. Growing up we'd go to the local rodeo's. The fun of going to your local rodeo is you know the boys/men/gals competing and it is fun to root for your local boys/girls/bovines/broncs/roosters/etc. etc/ etc. Okay, maybe not roosters........

We had a great time. This punk here in my arms that makes my heart melt every time he looks at me was glued to the scene the entire evening.

At about half time the announcer announced that he would like to welcome a special guest to the rodeo and then welcomed President Dieter F. Uchtdorf! WHAT???? You mean to tell me that there is a person of EXTREME importance sitting a few rows down from me???? A prophet and apostle of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a few rows down from where my punks and I were sitting. NO WAY!

I thankfully am able to report that I DID contain and control myself through the rest of the rodeo and only took a few/ several sneak peeks trying to get a better look but I didn't disturb him. I promise.

After the rodeo people cleared out and I was busy trying to make sure I had all of my punks located. As they were filing out of our row I looked down and there was President Uchtdorf with his family standing around talking.

Ooooh the lows I have sunk to. All of the vows and pledges I had made.......the "I will never......." BROKEN!

I grabbed my punks and shoved them ahead of me and ran them up to the poor man and then all intelligence at that point left. Left me high and dry and I just sat there staring at him with a grin on my face. Didn't shake his hand.......didn't say anything........just stood five feet away from him and slobbered and ogle eyed him.............oh wretched soul that I am..........

He must encounter pathetic creatures such as I often. He smiled that wonderful smile of his, looked each of my punks in the eye and waved to each of them. My punks behaved well. They smiled and waved back while their mother continued to make a fool of herself.

The whole drive home I cursed myself and thought, "ya could have at least opened your mouth and said something like........I dunno.............HI?"

I'm still having nightmares over my reaction and the day is half gone!

This morning I caught this punk writing in his journal. Bet he is writing about how humiliating it is to have a mother who must now put herself up there with the people she had always thought a bit on the snortin' too much crack side.............

There was a moment when I did stop ogling and noticed a young cowboy who'd competed that evening. His parents I am assuming were trying to get him to walk up and Shake President Uchtdorf's hand. I couldn't hear the dialog but could understand from the body language what was taking place. The young man kept wiping his hands on his jeans and then shaking his head at his parents showing them that his hands he felt were too dirty.

I was touched least he had his head on straight unlike some people I know......

Lawsy mercy! This punks dimples go straight to my heart and soul.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Handcuff me and put me in animal cruelty prison.

All morning yesterday I stewed but when it came down to it I opted to be labeled the horse eating flesh disease of all diseases. I didn't take my dogs............

I debated and I tried. I really did but when I'd look at that estimate and see that it "could" cost me between five hundred to a thousand dollars to remove plaque and who knows what all else from my dogs pearly yellow canine teeth...........I couldn't do it.

I'm a loser. I know. I have worn that title proudly for years and if this confirms it then may it be stamped in bronze and put on my front door along with all of the other titles that I have acquired over the years.

For all of you dog lovers out there who have dogs named "Fifi","Princess", and "Fiona" and you coordinate your outfits to match your dogs so that the two of you can go and get your nails done together and your leashes have their names on them in rhinestones and not only do you pay for their dental work but you make sure if they do need any of their teeth capped they are done in gold..........go ahead, call the doggie animal cruelty police. I'm sitting here all handcuffed ready to go. could just come and take my dogs.......I'm sure they wouldn't mind being named some flufferbutter name, having their nails manicured instead of worn off in the mud and dirt, their hair cut on a regular basis instead of when they are so full of burs and matted from playing in the ditch, and having a leash with their names in rhinestones instead of the tangled up rope that Levi keeps stealing so we have to find another piece of tangled up rope and label it a leash.

I'm sure they would love having you cut up and feed their doggy food to them with a silver spoon in stead of having to shove their snouts into what ever bowl looking round object we can find at the time to pour their dried up hard doggy food in, matching strollers so that they do not have to walk on their tired feet as Levi does run and drag them all over this huge property of less than a quarter acre only to have to suffer the indignity of not having a bed of their own to lie on at night but the ends of my punks beds.

Yes, please please take the dang dogs and while you're at it could you please take the rabbit, the cat, and the bird? I'd tell you to take the fish, the guinea pigs, the turtle, and the lizard's but sadly......I didn't take them to the vet to have their dental work done so they have all died periodontal deaths and are now in animal heaven poking their voodoo dolls that look like me to get back at me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whu whu whu whu whaaaat........

is wrong with our society?

Later this morning I will be taking my dogs to the vet. Not because they need their vaccinations. That was taken care of last week........the bill paid........and us living on left over dog food crumbs for a week because of it. No, they are going back to the vet because they need to have DENTAL WORK DONE! Is this really necessary? Well, according to the vet if you don't then your dog will die some horrible periodontal death and we as the owners will be blamed and made to feel like some horse eating flesh skin disease if we don't!

I start to reason with myself. "Well, if you are going to have pets then you need to be able to take care of them". Then another voice in my inner self pipes up (I have several inner voices. Don't be alarmed.....I'm not) "Well, ya but growing up on the farm our dogs never had dental work done and they were fine and lived normal healthy farm dog animal lives!"

The real clincher is the bill. I have been given an "estimation" of what the bill "may" cost but, "we won't know of course until we get in there and look to see". I came home with my estimation and am still shaking my head. Something is wrong with a society when their dog's dental bill is higher than their children's!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jane Austin

I have been thinking how best to go about this post with out offending every Jane Austin movie freak watcher out there. I'm one of them by the way........Anything remotely having to do with Jane Austin and I am all over it baby. I've read and own every one of her books (I think.....I hope.....if not......would you please let me know? Thanks.......phew......I feel better cuz I'd hate to miss out.)

I do not have to tell anyone who might be reading this.......does anyone read this blog? Oh, I'm sorry.........I find it quite painful to read too. We should start a support group but only if we can bring treats and chocolate has to be the main ingredient.......

Did I have a point? Snort.......I mean other than the one on the top of my head.........oh ya.......Jane Austin and movies.

One of my all time favorite movies is of course THE "Pride and Prejudice" with Colin Firth and Jeniffer Ehle done by A&E. Absolutely fabulous. They did a great job not only following the book but also in casting the characters.

In Jane Austin's book, "Mansfield Park" you find that the female lead character is not your typical Jane Austin female lead. I won't ruin it any further by giving away any particulars but she is different. Different in a good way. I like "Mansfield Park" and so that is why I figured I'd like the movie. I've seen other movies like, "Emma" and "Sense and Sensibility" and so on and have enjoyed them. I won't say that they are the caliber of "Pride and Prejudice" but they have been enjoyable. Why wouldn't "Mansfield Park" then be enjoyable?

I'll tell you why. When a person like me reads or watches anything that has to do with Jane Austin it is because I want to enjoy something wholesome and uplifting. Well, apparently the makers of this particular movie felt that Jane Austin was a bit of a stiff and decided to "enliven" things up a bit.
By the time I had finished with the movie I was so mad and irritated at what the producers had done if they'd been anywhere near I'd have wrung their scrawny little necks. (They are scrawny because all they are holding up are tiny little pin heads..) Did they read the book because the trash they came up with was NOT in the book.........nor would Jane in her day and time being a respectable lady have ever dreamt of writing such trash because that is what it was. Trash.
But why am I surprised? Why would anyone actually want to go and spend money on a movie that would actually be clean and uplift? "It is what the people want......." Well guess what? I'm THE PEOPLE and that is NOT what I want.........but I'm not the majority am I?
My the book......don't watch the movie.......and don't watch the movie "Becoming Jane" either because apparently they didn't read "the book" either who ever produced it.........
Oh my! Did you hear that??? It is Jane rolling over in her grave! Poor girl.......