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Monday, June 2, 2008

Angels on my doorstep

Yesterday I had angels appear on my doorstep. They brought a brand new bread machine with the makings of a loaf of bread already put together inside. All we needed to do was hit the start button and we'd have bread!

All day Saturday I knew I needed to make more bread. We were running low. I was too tired and not able to. Brian told me not to worry, we'd make bread the next day. The next day (yesterday) came and I was still too tired and weak and then these angels appeared!

What a happy thought to carry me through the rest of the day. Thank you Guy and Kristen for my happy thought.


  1. well I have to say I knew there was a reason why I liked my parents :)
    Isn't the fresh bread a wonderful thing?

  2. Thank you, Rachel and Brian, for your love.


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