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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Test Results

The results are back and they are about as confusing as when we started. At least things showed up which makes me feel better. SEE? I'm not making this all up. I feel crappy okay? For a reason!

Here's the weird one. According to my tests I have a raging bladder infection that has been going on for sometime that my body is fighting. Weird cuz I do not have any symptoms. I've had a bladder infection before and believe me, it isn't something you ignore. So, my body thinks it has this battle going on that it is fighting and it is beating the tar out of me.

Secondly, here at some point and who knows when I got mono! I am so excited. Now I can tell people that Brian doesn't get all of the fun when he travels. :o) hee hee

Thirdly, and finally I am still dealing with West Nile residual stuffs.

The end result is after several months of recuperating from all of this my butt is going to resemble the couch cushions it has/will have been smashed upon and I will have several cracks to show from it!

My only request is that when all is said and done that no one mistaken me for a horrid beat up old couch and throw me in the trash.

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  1. Rachel! I had absolutly no idea what you have been going through! Or that you were even sick for that matter....I had to read your past blogs to see what you were talking about. I am so sorry and the next time I see you im going to give you a hug....if you need anything be sure to let me know.


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