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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Matthew........the camo, dirt wearin', punk!

I was digging around some more in Brian's photo's on this laptop and came across this adorable photo of my punk Matthew.........

Notice the dirt all over this punk's face. He is in absolute heaven.

There is a blog that I visit that has a "name this photo" contest. It is fun to see what people come up with so what the heck. This photo needs a name people. On your marks, get set, GO! Can't wait to see what you all come up with and no fair posting to me on my e-mail like a lot of you like to do. You need to post here so that others can enjoy what you've come up with.


  1. My submitted caption for the photo:

    "I've been outside for so long today, I KNOW I'm going to get to play GameCube!"

  2. Kirsten's entry: Mr Pirate
    Trevor's entry: Mudd
    Colin's entry: Smiling Troublemaker
    Brennan's entry: The "Infant"ry

  3. "to cute for words"

    "i'd like money for toys, a good sharp machete, and a kiss!"

    "i know that you know something we all will give me whatever my heart desires"

  4. Pinch my cheeks now while you can cause when I'm older I'm gonna steal you daughter!


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