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Friday, June 20, 2008

Ummm just a quick question?

I realize that you all think this photo is adorable and believe me....I do too but there is just one problem here. See those glasses my punk is wearing or peeking through I should say? Ya, those expensive glasses that are perfect for biking or riding horses because they fit under a helmet? I just found this photo on Brian's laptop. I was just know.........cuz I'm just a wee bit curious........ummm, where did Levi get those glasses and where are they now because I used to have a pair just like them and they've been missing for a very long time and their owner would like to have them back.

Levi honey, if you ever read this? Could you help me out and tell me where you stashed yet another item of mine? And if it wouldn't be too much could you also tell me where you stashed the car keys, the batteries to the remote, the packages of Top Ramen that dad just bought, and my chapstick?


  1. oh man, I totally know that feeling. We found so many missing things when we moved this last time. It was great. There are a few things though that I fear will never be found. Oh well.

  2. you are my hero! i don't ask quite so nice....


  3. You are so great! And by the way.... I love that you call your children "Your punks" It's hilarious! Who does that? I LOVE IT!!!


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