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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boy punk number one.....meaning the eldest

I had to clarify because I'm not sure if he is my favorite today. You have to earn the honor and privilege of being my favorite punk around here. He left early this morning for work and I've not seen the whites of his eyes since. Actually, seeing the whites of Brennan's eyes is a rare treat. Maybe these photo's will help explain.

Meet Brennan my 14 year old punk. He is getting so tall isn't he? He is as tall as his dad and kind of resembles him too...........or so people tell me. "Rachel, your boy sure is looking more and more like his daddy!"

You know, until I saw these photo's I didn't see it but if he holds his head at juuuust the right angle......I think I see it too!

I realize this isn't the most flattering picture of Brennan but I have tried to tell him that when he eats like this it is bad manners. How many times does a mother have to tell her son to get his elbows off of the table? Believe me, with all of the eating Brennan does.......I have to say it often. That boy can put more food away than any other!

Being a teenager if Brennan isn't eating then he is sleeping. Isn't he adorable? Don't tell him I called him that because that wouldn't be "cool". Teenagers do NOT like being called adorable. Especially male teenagers. I love photo's of my punks sleeping........


  1. I will tell you what! You have great looking children! They look so tall and confident! It brings a whole new meaning to labor with necks that long!

  2. I did notice he was getting tall, but hadn't realized he was quite THAT tall. I definitely see the resemblance to Brian though.


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