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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bread mishaps

One should not make bread when one is tired and not feeling well or this happens:

I couldn't resist peeking in the bread machine to see what was happening and if the dough was tending to its business. When I opened the lid I noticed a piece of metal under my rising dough and thought, "oh no, I've gone and busted the dang thing already"!

I pulled it out and remembered a little too late that I'd left a measuring spoon dripping with honey in that thar bread machine bowl thingy. Oops.......the spoon is a little bent up but everything else seems to be okay.

Well........until you pull your bread out after it has cooked and it looks like this.........I wonder if my forgetting the salt is the culprit...........



  1. oh no!! That's some weird looking bread you've got there!

  2. HA!! What a great bread bowl!! I've seen stuff like that at art shows - maybe you should put it up on ebay as sculpture and see what you can get for it!!!

    Next time, leave out the hardware.

    (Easy for me to say - I've never made bread any way but by hand, which is why I don't make it anymore.)

    kiss, kiss. MUSTANG SALLY!!


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