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Monday, June 2, 2008

Better is good

I'm not sure what to Title my post today. It has been a good day. I was able to get up at 6:00 this morning with Brennan and make him lunch before he headed off for work. I then needed to rest and sleep for several hours after that and thought if that was the only thing I accomplished today then that would have been worth it and good enough. It is important to me to be up with Brennan and see him off to work just as it is important to me to see my kids when they come home.

After resting and sleeping I attempted to make bread in my new bread machine. It took me several tries as I was too weak to go through the process as simple as it is. I walked into the kitchen only to turn around and hit the couch again several times. I was finally able to get up and was able to not only get the bread made but Levi and Jadon's diapers changed and the two of them dressed and myself showered as well.

As the day has progressed I have felt better and was able to go outside and watch the kids while they played which freed up all of the other kids to go and play with friends. They had done their fair share of babysitting all morning.

This evening after more resting I had Brian help me exercise. We went for a walk around the neighborhood. Towards the end I think it was more of a shuffle but I made it.

Not a bad day I'd say considering how it started out eh?

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  1. Strange how the normal everyday things can suddenly seem like luxurious splurges of energy. We've got to beat this thing.


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