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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Punks 2 and 3!

I would introduce you to them seperatly but as you can see, that is impossible

They are always together. Wrestling non stop from morning till night...

I'm amazed they get any chores done the two of them with all of the playing around they do.

Dinner time is the worst . Do you know how many glasses of milk have been spilt from these two? Look at them!

At church I have to seperate the two of them. One on one end of the bench and the other on the other end with the rest of us in between. I keep thinking they are going to grow out of it but then..........

Why should they? Their dad hasn't.........

Just when you think you've gotten away.......he grabs ya and it is all over from here on out. Don't even try to fight him. You won't win. He plays dirty and starts to tickle. I know just how Trevor feels right about now.

Even with the help of the other punks you're doomed. Oh they try and put up a good fight but....

They're no match when it comes to wrastlin' with their dad. I know........cuz I lose every time.......

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  1. Oh the memories this post brought back. We use to do this with my dad as well. It must be a Dad thing. You know how Moms get new special ears that hear everything maybe Dads get the ability to always win wrestling matches.

    Hope you are feeling better!


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