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Friday, June 6, 2008

Sigh of relief

This was certainly not how I had planned to spend my summer this year but today has come with a sigh of relief. I had joked before we knew what was going on that at least if I were pregnant I'd know that in twenty years I'd start to feel better!

Before we knew I didn't know how long this was going to last and I tried to put on a brave face and make the best of it and be positive. It sure makes it easier when you know that this isn't something that I'd have to deal with for the rest of my life. How droll for my kids to have a mother who lives on the couch day after day.....month after month........year after year.......and yet there are mother's out there who not by their own choice are in that position. My heart goes out to them.

We are handed and given things in life that we may or may not choose. How we deal with and react is in our power to choose though. In my reading in Mosiah I have appreciated Alma and the people who followed him. As they were captured and taken into bondage they had task masters put over them and burdens put upon their backs. They cried out to Heavenly Father and were commanded by their captors not to pray. Alma and his people prayed silently in their hearts. The Lord heard them and answered their prayers. He didn't help them escape from bondage immediately. He made it so that the people did not feel the burdens on their backs and their tasks made lighter. The people had faith. They did not murmur and complain. They gave thanks and rejoiced in Heavenly Father. They were cheerful and patient. Heavenly Father THEN helped them escape.

I've thought a lot about this experience and how it relates to me. I have been given a burden so to speak on my back. It isn't going to go away anytime soon but I know that my prayers are being answered and the burden is being made light. I hope that I can continue like Alma and his people giving thanks, having faith, being cheerful, and patient.

I've been given an opportunity to learn and to grow. I just hope that when people come to visit they can look the other way as the piles in the house also grow. OY!

On the other hand.........Levi and Jadon are loving the idea of living on cold cereal for the next several months. See? There is good in all things. :o)

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  1. Yes - much relief. I actually thouught for a moment that you were going to say you actually were pregnant. I can take only so many of these scares, you know.

    I so love the book of Mosiah and the stories in it. Of all scripture, I treasure this most. I think sometimes that the burdens we bear are much lighter than they could be, and we don't realize that - just plugging along, trying to do the right thing and deal with mortal heartache.


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