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Monday, June 23, 2008

Which punk is my favorite?

Well, it depends on the day really. My punks will argue and say that this punk or that punk is my favorite but what do they know?

Punk number two, (Trevor) asked me why I only have photo's of the two babies on here and not any of the older punks.....well.......cuz they are my favorite obviously. Right?

Actually, it is because I can't take my eyes off of them for two seconds so my camera finds them in its view finder a lot!

Not to say that my camera doesn't find the other punks.....I just didn't realize that they'd want to be embarrassed and mortified because that is what they have basically given me permission to do by asking.

So, now that I have their permission I will be posting photo's and essays on my older punks. This may be the last time they ever wonder who the favorite punk is.........(evil chuckle.....)

What you may expect to see this upcoming older punks on their knees begging me to please go back and focus on the babies again. This is gonna be a good week. I can tell......

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