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Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a girl really wants!

Romance. I have the most romantic husband and every word I speak of him is true. There are very few men out there like him I think. I'm one of the lucky ones and I thank my Heavenly Father daily for my man. I didn't do anything to deserve him other than fall madly in love with him.

If you look at the covers of trendy magazines they have titles that suggest they know what a girl or man wants but I would wager that considering all of the unhappy marriages in the world today they really do not have a clue so I'll tell least from my point of view........what a girl really wants.

Being sick has added more responsibility and stress on my husbands very strong broad shoulders which are very sexy might I add. :o) We have seven children ages 14 on down. Add having a child with disabilities who refuses to give up the terrible twos and we have 18 children........or so it seems some days.........

My eternal sweetheart gets up every morning and goes to work. He works all day and then starts the long drive home. Upon coming home instead of demanding what is for dinner and plopping down in front of the t.v. he immediately goes to work by my side helping me with dinner, feeding the punks, putting them to bed, and what ever other household projects need done. He never has gone to bed before me always offering to help me with what ever it is that I am doing that is keeping me from being able to sink into bed at a decent hour.

Once a week or more if need be he has always encouraged me to get out of the house and go and have some fun. Some down time. He never asks this of himself. Always giving making sure the punks and I are taken care of.

With my being sick he has not only continued in this fashion but has taken on my tasks and has doubled his. This past weekend the house was really feeling the effects of my being down and he spent the entire weekend cleaning, scrubbing, and organizing the house. He later told me that he couldn't cure me physically but he knew that if things were cleaned I'd feel better emotionally.

That, is romance........that, is what a girl really wants. A husband who is true and faithful. Who loves her with all of his heart and not only tells her this but shows it in the every day things that he does for her. Never saying a negative thing about her to anyone and standing up for her. Loving her...honoring her. Flowers, gifts, chocolates........sure.....they're nice and heaven knows he showers me with plenty of those things too is by my man's daily actions of love and sacrifice for me and the punks that I find incredibly romantic. And that....... is what this girl really wants........and gets.........and I pray I never take him for granted.


  1. i am loving reading your blogs! FAN TAB U LOUS!!!!


  2. wow... hate to say it but my dad was never like that and he is pretty swell. Then again, we had a house cleaner that helped my mom out and made it so she was okay emotionally. Tyler on the other hand, I could see him being like that when we are old, gray, and have 12 kids. just kidding we are only having 4 or 5. At least that is the plan right?? Then again, how often to "our" plans work out. So because you are my favorite at on the "Recht" side, you know what I mean. I was wondering...please dont kill me. We found a place we were wondering if you could look at it. I know you aren't feeling well and will not be offended if you just want that "couch butt". I want one too. If only you knew about my day its on my blog. Anyways, just to relieve your guilt of saying no, we plan on coming down there for the 4th of July. So we could look at it then. Love ya!

  3. I mean Aunt and I meant often do "our"

  4. You know, my dad was never that way, either. But G has turned out to be that good. He put this whole farewell thing together himself with Ginna, and has pretty much carried the logistical load in this last month while we both have been feeling shell-shocked with loss.

    A good man is a tremendous thing. Too bad there are so few of them in the world these days.


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