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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Looky what I found.......

on this here laptop thingy that my husband is letting me use while being an invalid. I noticed he had photo's on it so being the nosey curious person that I am......I peeked and no way! Photo's of our Hawaii trip I'd forgotten about.

Here fishy fishy fishy fishy........"I'm eatin' fish tonight"! (If you know what movie that is from I'll give you a prize).

This is what happens when you take NON drowsy don't urp up and get sick medicine and it makes you......duh.........drowsy......and you can't function for a day!

This is what happens when a turtle swims by and whacks you on the head with one of its flippers. It makes you scrunch up your legs like this so that you look like you are taking a dump in the ocean. Promise! True story! It is all on film for a mere $50 bucks if you should so choose to buy it in Kauai, Hawaii at a lovely shop called "Seasport Divers" which we really like and bought several really cool T-shirts from.

Come back here you naughty little turtle. I want to grab your flippers and ride on your back.

This is a grit my teeth and try to smile between the nausea...........

Oh ya baby! Made dad turn on two squealin' wheels when my baby sis and I saw this quilt shop. We were bound for some other location but had to stop and spend some change in this darling shop and take lots of photo's of really awesome quilts!

Care to name this photo? We were pretty razzed with our new board shorts that we got a screamin' deal on in that Seasport Diver's shop that we ransacked. What no one knows is at the time these were only for the Dive Master's who worked at the shop and we sweet talked the owner into selling us some cuz they were awesome!

Do I even need to explain this photo of my baby sis and I? You can't go to Hawaii without your toe nails painted. It just aint fittin' Either that or I have massive white fungus growing in between my toes there that we're trying to wash down the sink.

Ummm, Brian? Didn't you come with to Hawaii? How come all of the photo's are of my baby sis and I?

Oooooh, I see. Cuz all of the photo's of you and I are of us kissing and according to our punks. THAT IS SOOOO GROSE!


  1. Those are great pictures. Some of which I have never seen before. I just have one question. Why am I wearing the same shirt in all of them? Gross!

  2. what are you trying to do to me? ok, i am jealous.... STINKER!


  3. Finding Nemo! this is taylor and i'm expecting a prize pretty soon!

  4. Taylor you are THE winner and just as soon as I can get my carcass off of the couch I'll get you that prize. :o)

  5. You look more than medium hot in those diving togs, dearie. Holy cats. I'd look like the Pillsbury dough boy in spandex -


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