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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Levi and his dog-gone business

I think for all that Julie puts up with she will be getting bigger mansions in Heaven than I.

Levi loves to pull things behind his bike and his latest is my bike cart. Before, it was the wagon which he would load up with all sorts of goodies. Julie is Levi's latest victim for hauling around and she has been a great sport.

At least Levi doesn't dress her up in clothes before taking her out for a jaunt. It could be worse.......that's what I've been trying to explain to Julie.

Levi: Hold on Julie, buckle yurself up, it's gonna be a wild ride!

Now come on.....really.........doesn't this look fun?

Julie the ever faithful is watching for traffic. She's good that way ya know. She's a great back seat driver.

What more could a dog want in life? Wind blowing in her face........ears flapping in the breeze........

Hold on........wait a second.................

Am I missing something here?

Is it just me or am I seeing things? Where did this punk come from? Weren't we just looking at Julie the dog?

I think I better go back in and lie down.........this mono is affecting me in more ways than one.....


  1. I LOVE those pictures! Levi is getting so big! I can't believe it! Miss you guys!


  2. Wow...Levi has got Jaden and your little dog too! ha-ha-ha. (Wizard of Oz) I can hardly wait until I get to be pulled around it look so fun! I mean, Levi can now pull some of the children to church, park, store...all the places you would normally drive. Then you can sit on the couch more. I have to say, I know what it is like laying, siting, sleeping, so much you get that flat butt. I have always had one and now I know why. Being sick is no one, which is why I am not to excited to get pregnant. But hey, if I get pregnant in provo I can just come over and sit with you all day... :) (Have you heard anything on apartments for rent?)

  3. oh those pictures are ADORABLE!!!


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