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Saturday, June 28, 2008

She is the princess after all.........

in this household of testosterone. Punk number 5!

Even if she does have John Deere birthday parties instead of princess parties.............

And ya, she'll be 8 this year making this photo a tidge old but if she isn't the dad gum cutest thing ever. This year for her birthday she wants a monster party. What is a monster party? Can't we do something girly like a princess party? Only if their are dragons and monsters...........sigh.......well, I know of a few punks around here that would be more than happy to be dragons and monsters.

ME ME ME! PICK ME! I get to be Godzilla and Brian can be King Kong!!!


  1. I love it! I want a john deer party! Seriously, my birthday is Aug 16th. Now that I think of it, we will be in prove at that time. :)

  2. Okay. Trying to catch up here. I think that tractor cake is about the COOLEST thing ever. How come I didn't get invited?


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