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Monday, June 16, 2008

Burn the wigwam!

When I was a little girl learning to play the piano there was a delightful song at the end of the book that I banged away day after day. It was so fun and sounded cool to my young ears. The left hand playing a repetitious beat. Bam bam bam bam bam as the right hand playing a melody with a bam bam bam bam bam beat as well. The idea is to play it as loud as you can and as fast as possible.

I can remember my dad complaining about the song. I was the seventh child to learn the song that he'd had to endure. I didn't understand how he could dislike such a cool song!

Kirsten is child number five who is now learning this song. I can't get away from it. Even if I sit outside the walls and windows vibrate with the dang song! She doesn't understand why I am so sick of it. It has such a delightful beat and she loves playing it as loud as possible and as fast as she did her brothers before her..........

I complained to my dad one day about the song. He said that his mother had endured the same song when he was a boy banging away at the piano and had complained about the dang song as he later did with all eight of us children and I am now with all of mine.

So my question is this. If so many parents have had to endure this song and we all hate it........why hasn't anyone burnt the dang wigwam song by now?


  1. I definitly agree! I keep telling tyler...oh our kids wont be like that. They will play beautiful, classical, hymn like songs! We will love listening to hymns right?? He laughs! After we left your house I thought, that dang song too!! Oh man, im going to be a horrible mother. Leanna is here for Lauren to soon be having her baby. I went to the shower today, it was soooooooooo cute! I want a girl!!

  2. rachel, I tagged you so pretty much you just copy down the questions and put on ur answers on ur blog :)

  3. I must have played it too - was it in the Thompson books I wonder? Cause I remember the feel of it. My favorite was: Oh my bone, oh my bone, that's my favorite song, Oh my bone, oh my bone, sing it all day long.



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