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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let's take a break shall we?

Since Saturday, today is the first day I'm up and out of bed and OY! It twernt pretty. I was going to do a post all about punk number two and three but when I walked out of my room and was assaulted by chaos and energies were directed to the much needed clean up effort after hurricane Belinda came tearing through. Not to mention that Kirsten needed major help in a bad way since no one has done her hair since ummmmm....well.......I'm not sure really. I would like to say since Sunday but at one point on Sunday she walked by me and apparently she'd gone to church looking very much the part of a street urchin. I'm still trying to get over that image and scrape my pride from off of the wall where I threw it up.

Long story short. I'm too tired to post about punks number two and three and find the photo's I'd taken of them recently as just folding their Mt. Everest piles of laundry has left me feeling like that sticky slimy green stuff you find in still water with lots of sunlight beating down on it............think I'll lay here and oooze for a bit.

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